Sabretooth, psy trance producer, DJing at a festival in Germany


Ben Fraser • Driving psychedelic acid techno trance, since 2001

With over 20 years of production under his belt, Ben Fraser is renowned for his music's trademark sense of drive and forward momentum - and its magical ability to capture the dancefloor!

Unique in its versatility, Sabretooth's very own breed of twisted, acidic, tech-infused psytrance has been released on his home label BMSS Records, as well as some of the scene's most prominent labels such as Iono, United Beats, Digital Om, Dacru, Blue Tunes, 24/7, Expo, Maharetta and so on. With an uncompromising sound that extends from deep driving day time prog-tinged workouts to fast-and-furious effervescent blasters, Sabretooth has gone on to conquer audiences at underground parties and festivals worldwide.

Ben also releases acid techno and trance under his real name, with notable releases on the legendary Stay Up Forever and Hydraulix amongst others. Never one to rest on his laurels, Ben also produces punk under his Creeping Tide moniker, and a blend of punk and rave as Future Outbreak.

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Banner photo credit: Zero Gravity